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Stay fresh with our bakery and dairy products

Milk, cheese, bread and rolls when you need them

Put us in your dairy!

It’s not just fresh produce that we specialise in. We’ve branched out to also supply bakery and dairy products. Milk, cream, cheese, free range eggs – whatever dairy products you need, we’ll supply you with some of the finest from around Scotland. To save time when making sandwiches, pizzas or other meals, why not go for our ready-to-use cheese? If you need milk first thing, you can trust us to deliver!

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Delicious bakery products

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For our caterers, we provide a great value delivery service for locally baked morning rolls and sliced bread from popular brands such as Kingsmill.

For something more refined, our range includes special artisan breads. You’ll always be able to offer your customers fresh, delicious baked goods, without going to the trouble of baking them yourselves.

Dairy and bakery range:

A sliced loaf of bread

Bread, rolls, cakes & other bakery products

All your eggs in one basket

Free range eggs


Milk and cream

A pile of grated cheese

Pre-grated cheese for ease of use

A selection of cheeses

Italian cheeses and more


Butter and margarine

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George Anderson & Sons logo

For fresh and delicious bakery and dairy products,call 01875 616 950