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Dry food – the chef’s essentials

Catering supplies for your kitchen cupboard

Essentials for your kitchen cupboard

If you need catering supplies for your kitchen cupboard, you’ve come to the right place. Restaurants, pubs, hotels, schools and hospitals all need dry produce such as cans of beans, sweetcorn, pasta, tomato paste, oats, lentils and more. We’ll make sure that they’re all of the right quality so that your meals taste great. Just let us know what you need and how often, and we’ll make sure it’s delivered to your kitchen.

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2015-04-02 03:43:14

No minimum orders on deliveries


High quality dry food assured

2015-04-02 03:43:18

As we continue to grow, we offer an ever-wider range of catering supplies to provide you with a one-stop solution. It all comes in our temperature controlled delivery vehicles, bringing what you need when you need it, just in time to satisfy your customers.

Our range now includes all the dry food you need to make your mouth-watering meals. The list below is just a taster of what we offer, and more can and will be sourced. Nothing is too much trouble - just ask, and we’ll see what we can do.

Dry food range:

Dried pasta

Pasta, spaghetti and rice


Oats and lentils


Cans of beans, sweetcorn and other products


Tins of tuna, other fish and meat

A tomato pasta dish

Tomato paste and other sauces

A bowl of biscuits

Biscuits and snacks

Dried herbs

A wide selection of herbs and spices

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Everything your kitchen needs from one fresh produce distributor. Call 01875 616 950