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You can’t have a tasty meal without great ingredients. We know that quality matters when it comes to fresh produce, especially fruit and veg. Luckily, being BRC accredited and Soil Association approved means you can rely on us. Our suppliers are required to recognise the Ethical Trading Base Code. We carefully select where our produce comes from so you don’t have to.

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High quality, affordable fresh produce

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While we source fresh produce from all over the world, we reduce food miles wherever we can by sourcing from local growers. As well as being environmentally-friendly, shorter distances mean even fresher fruit and veg and the opportunity to support our local community.

Thanks to our location, this couldn’t be easier, as we're right in the heart of East Lothian, Scotland's Larder. With many of Scotland's best growers on our doorstep, we’re able to deliver quality seasonal produce with a fresher, healthier taste.

What you can get from us:


Fresh produce that is locally sourced to reduce food miles


High quality fruit and veg that gets to your kitchen when you need it


Dairy products such as milk and cheese

Freshly baked bread

Bakery products delivered fresh to your kitchen


Dry food such as cans of beans, pasta, oats and more

Fruit salad

Prepared food like chopped and peeled fruit and veg

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Fresh produce distributors you can trust for quality. Call 01875 616 950