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Quality prepared food at great prices

Ideal for caterers across Scotland

Save time with prepared fruit and veg

Whether you're a small kitchen or a large restaurant with bigger fish to fry, preparing fruit and veg is a time-consuming task that can easily be taken on by someone else. Why not leave it to us? We supply prepared fruit and veg, peeled and chopped, sliced and diced.

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Picked from the best

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Our prepared fruit and veg is selected from the best that local growers have to offer. It's tasty, healthy and fresh, with no additives or genetic modifications.

A cost-effective alternative to extra staff, our prepared fruit and veg also saves time in the kitchen. That means that you can get your delicious meals out to your customers faster, and after all - it's the customers' experiences that count!

Prepared fruit and veg:

Carrot and orange salad

Fresh carrot and orange salad

Red cabbage

Red cabbage and mint salad

Stir fry veg

Stir fry mixes for something a little different


Nacho and salsa mixes

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For quality prepared fruit and veg, call 01875 616 950